How to apply

Details On How To Apply

Our Process

The admission process of a student at Teduka is very straight forward and tries to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy while keeping high standards, transparency, accountability, and quality assurance elements as a top priority.

The process is composed of a number of clear steps that need to be followed by prospective students. Learners will be guided all the way through this process from our student support team who will ensure that no unnecessary pressure is experienced by the applicant at this stage on administrative matters.


Explore our range of academic programmes and think about which one you deem is best for you

Get in touch!

Once you have an idea of which course interests you, get in touch with our student support team so they can provide individual guidance and detailed information

Send application

If you have already decided to apply for a specific programme or training, then send you application by filling the application form below

Request for documents

Once you express your interest to apply for one of our programmes through the application form, our admissions team will get in touch with you to request important documents such as qualifications, CV’s identification etc.

The review process

The admissions board will vet the documents you have provided and match these with the entry criteria for the programme you have applied for

Acceptance and admission

If the outcome of the application review is positive, then you will receive an unconditional notification of acceptance and officially enrolled on the Teduka learning management system